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Design-y stuffs~ 
10th-Nov-2010 12:34 am
For those of you who are interested, I scanned in the sketches I've done so far for my Grand Ball Zelda-inspired modern formalwear XD
Apologies for my fail hands/feet in the drawings >.>
Anyways, hope you like them, tell me what you think!

Design 1

I like this one but the sheath dress shape doesn't suit my body

Design 2

I like this one too but I'm not sure if I'd just end up looking pregnant D:

Design 3

I don't think this one ended up being very Zelda-like, but I like the fishtail style.  Also couldn't wear a bra with this D:

Design 4

Tried a short 2 piece this time, I kinda like it but it doesn't look very formal anymore, don't think I could pull it off with my shortness either

Design 5

I like this one, shape would suit me and I think it could be easily recognisable

Design 6 and 7

Much prefer the right one to the left one, just not sure if it'd make me look pregnant.  The sleeves would cover my horrible upper arms and fit the Arabian Nights theme, they might look a bit too "peasant" for Zelda though :/

Design 8

Don't really like this one, too simple, doesn't cover my upper arms, doesn't look very Zelda-like

Design 9

I really like this one, I think I could suit it pretty well, I just wouldn't want to wear a halterneck as it makes wearing a bra difficult

Design 10

Nice simple and elegant design, not sure if it'd be recognisable as Zelda though

Design 11

Top half too plain, would be nice and warm for November though.  Like the pearl belt type thing though

I won't be making any of those (sadly) but I'll be taking some of my favourite elements and putting them together instead ^^
Will hopefully get a final sketch drawn up tonight and scanned in~
12th-Nov-2010 06:33 am (UTC) - i like design 4
i think design 4 is nice and girly without being like "fuck she rolled into a barbie and sarah jessica parker"
16th-Nov-2010 06:34 pm (UTC)
I think I hate you and your skillz biatch :P
16th-Nov-2010 08:38 pm (UTC)
Lol love you too XD
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