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Chibi's Tower of Nonsensicalities~
All those days, chasing down a daydream
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19th-Apr-2011 04:24 pm - Final year designs - HALP
Hokay, so I'm trying to sort out a colour/pattern scheme for my final project for uni, these aren't including embellishments and trims and things btw.  I don't have much time left to make it but I can't buy the fabric until I choose which design so I really need some help choosing which one to do!

Please comment on which one/s you think would work best for me~

                                  Design 1 - Perfectly Pink                                                                Design 2 - Pretty Purple

                            Design 3 - Beautiful Blue                                                                   Design 4 - Gorgeous Green

                               Design 5 - Lady in Red                                                                      Design 6 - Sleepy Hollow

                                    Design 7 - Bronze                                                                          Design 8 - Rose Garden

                       Design 9 - Down the Rabbit Hole                                                      Design 10 - Monochrome Rose

                                 Design 11 - Steampunk                                                                Design 12 - Ocean Tones

                                  Design 13 - Earth                                                                            Design 14 - Orchard
10th-Nov-2010 04:53 am - Final design-y stuffs~
Hokay last post on designs, I promise to stop boring you! ^^;;
Picked all my favourite bits from previous designs, bought a base pattern to alter and hopefully it should suit me!
Will start buying fabric tomorrow (well, today)~

Final 3 designs under the cut - Image heavy!Collapse )

In short, I'm going with Design 14 :D
10th-Nov-2010 12:34 am - Design-y stuffs~
For those of you who are interested, I scanned in the sketches I've done so far for my Grand Ball Zelda-inspired modern formalwear XD
Apologies for my fail hands/feet in the drawings >.>
Anyways, hope you like them, tell me what you think!

Designs under the cut - Image heavy!!Collapse )

I won't be making any of those (sadly) but I'll be taking some of my favourite elements and putting them together instead ^^
Will hopefully get a final sketch drawn up tonight and scanned in~
10th-Jan-2010 12:07 am - Sellin' stuffs!
Buy stuffs please! :D

Hokay so after cleaning out my cosplay boxes I've decided to part with these items, though I'll no doubt be adding more to this list over time! If you could help me out by buying some things it'll make it easier to fund my con trips this year, I'd really appreciate it :3
Prices below not including postage and packaging!

Cut for image-heavy-nessCollapse )
26th-May-2008 02:33 pm - Look out LiveJournal...

*strikes a pose*

...for Chibi is here!


........for a 3rd time


Yeah, this is now my 3rd LJ, lets hope I can actually keep this one going, ne?

Anyways, doing this mainly to keep a network with my friends, so I can finally do ADIML (when I'm not being lazy) and so on.

So yeah, I may come back later once I've had food so I can give you a better first LJ entry XD

Jaa ne~

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