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Chibi's Tower of Nonsensicalities~
All those days, chasing down a daydream
Sellin' stuffs! 
10th-Jan-2010 12:07 am
Buy stuffs please! :D

Hokay so after cleaning out my cosplay boxes I've decided to part with these items, though I'll no doubt be adding more to this list over time! If you could help me out by buying some things it'll make it easier to fund my con trips this year, I'd really appreciate it :3
Prices below not including postage and packaging!

Freya - Chobits

This is a cosplay I commissioned on eBay back before I could sew.  I'm selling it as a set; dress, gloves, choker and headband.

Dress (front and back)
Waist - 30 inches
Bust - 36 inches
Length (front) - 15.5 inches
Length (back) - 20 inches
Dress is very short!  It is designed to show panties/bloomers/tutu/whatever you want to wear underneath!

Top circumference (stretched) - 10 inches
Length - 19 inches

Headband and choker
Headband length - 15 inches
Choker circumference - 18 inches

Pleinair - Disgaea 2

This is a cosplay I made for one of the Cosplay Clubnights, it was done fairly quickly but it's still perfectly wearable ^^ it's all made from cotton jersey as well so it's fairly stretchy and very comfortable!  It's not perfect, but it does the job :D I'm selling it as a set; dress, armwarmers, collar, necktie and headband.

Dress (with invisible halter strap)
Length - 25 inches
Bust - 28 inches
Waist - 27 inches
Hips -  36 inches

Armwarmers and bow
Length - 13.5 inches
Top circumference (stretched) - 14 inches

Collar and necktie
Collar circumference - 14.5 inches
Necktie length - 33 inches

Gold hair accessory

This item is actually a lot bigger than it looks (5.5 inches) but adds a nice decoration atop the head for a formal event or whatnot ^^

Short aqua wig - SOLD

Originally bought from Cosworx

Short pink flip wig - SOLD

Originally bought from eBay shop Professional-Only

Japanese style flip-flops - UK size 5

Worn once, very good condition

Red mini-wedge shoes - UK size 5 - SOLD

Well worn, ageing on the inner sole and some wrinkling around the front just from being so old, lovely little pair of shoes though, they look great on ^^
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